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This screen specifies the Pactflow Preferences panels and what types of settings you can change.

Personal preferences#

These are the settings that affect individual users.

Show welcome dialog#

This setting controls whether the "Welcome to Pactflow" dialog is shown to the user when they login.

Show an alert when my tokens are about to expire#

This setting controls whether the token expiry alert is shown to the user on the main dashboard when any of their API tokens have expired or are within seven days of expiring. This will only occurr if token expiration is enabled by an administrator in the System preferences.

System preferences#

Theses are global system settings and can only be changed by an administrator.

API Token expiration#

By default, user and system account tokens don't expire, but can be re-generated at any time to invalidate the old tokens and create new ones. This setting enables the tokens to automatically expire after a fixed period of time, which can be specified in units of hours, days, weeks or months.

Once a token has expired, a new one will need to be generated from the API Tokens setting page (for users) or the user management screen (for system accounts).

Display an announcement banner on login#

This setting configures an announcement banner to be displayed to all users when they login. The banner content can contain Markdown formatted text (which also supports HTML markup). Note that text will be santised in the UI, so you can not add any Javascript to the banner.