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Eligible plans: Enterprise

NOTE: SAML is a pre-requisite for this feature to work.

PactFlow users and teams can be managed via a SCIM 2.0 compatible API. For details on SCIM, refer to

Integration guides

Supported endpoints

  • /scim/ServiceProviderConfig - Specification compliance, authentication schemes, data models
  • /scim/ResourceTypes - An endpoint used to discover the types of resources available
  • /scim/Schemas - Introspect resources and attribute extensions
  • /scim/User - Manage PactFlow users
  • /scim/Groups - Manage PactFlow teams


The following resources can be managed via SCIM:


The /scim/Users endpoint manages PactFlow users. The following SCIM attributes are supported:

SCIM AttributePactFlow User AttributeNotes
iduuidRead only
userNameexternalIdpUsernameThis is the unique user ID that the IDP must send via SAML request
externalIdexternalIdpIdExternal IDP user ID (optional)
name.formattednamename.formatted takes priority over displayName
displayNamenamename.formatted takes priority over displayName
userTypetypeDescription or typeuserType is mapped to the type on the way in, and typeDescription on the way out
email*.value (email*.primary == true or first)emailRequired. The primary email is mapped to the PactFlow email. If no primary email is provided, the first email entry is used
meta.createdcreatedAtread only
meta.lastModifiedupdatedAtread only
role*.display_embedded.roles*.nameread only
role*.type_embedded.roles*.nameread only
groups*.display_embedded.teams*.nameread only

Teams (as groups)

The /scim/Groups endpoint manages PactFlow teams. The following SCIM attributes are supported:

SCIM AttributePactFlow Team AttributeNotes
iduuidread only
meta.createdcreatedAtread only
meta.lastModifiedupdatedAtread only
members*.display_embedded.members*.nameread only