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Welcome to your new home ❤️

PactFlow's new user interface offers a beautiful and intuitive experience, optimized around our recommended best practices.

It includes all the key features you enjoy, with a particular focus on:

  1. An application-centric view that reflects the primary job of developers—creating, updating, and maintaining applications.
  2. Deeper integration of capabilities like can-i-deploy into common workflows.
  3. Adoption of SmartBear's product design system to improve interoperability with other SmartBear products. And much more.

Upgrade to the New User Experience

In the navigation bar of your account, click the "Try our new UI" button. You may need to log in again. If you need to switch back to the old UI, there is an option to do so in the navigation bar.

Providing Feedback

On any page of the new user interface, you can provide feedback by clicking the "take survey" button under "Switch UI" in the navigation bar. You can complete this survey multiple times as needed.

Migrating from the Previous UI

To understand the key changes introduced in the new UI, see the migration guide.