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This section describes certain issues you might face while logging into PactFlow and explains how to resolve them.

Unable to login into PactFlow user interface

When you sign up for PactFlow, you will be emailed the login details with a temporary password. This password is valid for 7 days. If you need to reset the password, you can reset the clock on this expiry by simply re-inviting the user. Alternatively, [contact us ( and we will reset it for you.

Github login error

If you get an invalid_grant: {"error":"invalid_grant"} error while logging into PactFlow using Github, clear your browser cookies before logging in again.

Getting a 401 Unauthorized when publishing or verifying pacts

The most common reasons for API authentication failures are:

  1. Using an old version of Pact library that does not support the PactFlow authentication scheme (bearer token authentication).
    • To resolve this, make sure you are using the latest Pact library version for your language.
  2. Attempting to access the API with a username and password instead of an API token.
  3. Using a read-only token instead of a read/write token.

Additionally, on September 11 of 2023, the basic authentication feature for legacy plans was decommissioned. See the guide on upgrading to a supported authentication mode.