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PactFlow - Introduction to Pact


  1. Understand the problems with end-to-end integrated testing, including managing environments
  2. Learn the basics of contract testing and how it can fit in to a general testing strategy
  3. Learn the core concepts of Pact

By the end of the course, you should be comfortable writing Pact consumer tests and verifying contracts on the provider side, and have a basic understanding of how you can collaborate using a Pact Broker.

Course Guide

The full introductory workshop can be run within 2 - 2.5 hours, and we recommend delivering it in the following order in a single session:

n/aPreparation step: watch introductory series on contract-testing and PactYoutube playlist45 minutes
1Introduction to contract-testing with Pact presentation (slides 1 - 46)pdf | pptx30 minutes
2Pact in action (optional)See demos15 minutes
3Run the Node JS workshopworkshop2-3 hours
4PactFlow summary (slides 47+)pdf | pptx5 minutes

NOTE: You may swap out the language for one of our other workshops if a client would prefer it done in a separate language. It's worth stating however that the JS and Golang workshops are currently the best designed for this course