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License file

The Pactflow on-premises version requires a license file to run. You should have received this from us during the on-boarding process. If not, please contact us at

The license file needs to be mounted into the docker container at the /home/pactflow-onprem.lic path. This can be done by either using a volume mount or building a new image with the license file in it.

Volume mounting the license file#

Refer to the docker documentation on using volumes.

For an example, you can use the docker CLI -v parameter to mount the license file (i.e. if the license file is stored at /opt/pactflow/pactflow-onprem.lic on your server, then -v /opt/pactflow/pactflow-onprem.lic/pactflow-onprem.lic:/home/pactflow-onprem.lic will mount it).

Building a new image with the license file in#

You can also create a new docker file with the license file baked in. Here is an example docker build file that does that:

COPY --chown=app:app pactflow-onprem.lic $APP_HOME/../pactflow-onprem.lic

This can then be built with the following docker command:

$ docker build . --build-arg