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Docker Compose example

In this guide, we'll provide an example docker-compose setup so that you can see how all of the bits hang together. We will demonstrate:

  • Authenticating to
  • Running the Pactflow enterprise container
  • Persistent storage with a postgres database
  • Integrating to a test SAML provider


1. Authenticating to

After obtaining valid robot credentials, you need to authenticate to so that the docker engine is able to fetch our images.

docker login -u="<username>" -p="<password>" quay.iodocker pull

After this, you should have the latest Pactflow enterprise image on your machine. You can verify by executing

docker images

Which should produce an output such as:

> docker images                    TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED      1.9.0               32db429fda01        7 weeks ago   latest              32db429fda01        7 weeks ago   1.8.0               7f9b3c3aa50e        3 months ago        462MB

2. Pactflow license file#

The Pactflow on-premises version requires a license file to run. You should have received this from us during the on-boarding process. If not, please contact us at

Save the license file into a temporary directory (it needs to be the same directory as used in step 3).

3. Startup Pactflow and supporting services#

Save the below file as docker-compose.yml into a temporary directory and then run docker-compose up:

version: "3"
services:  simplesaml:    image: kristophjunge/test-saml-idp    logging:      driver: none # comment out the logging config to see the SAML server logs    ports:      - "8080:8080"      - "8443:8443"    environment:     - SIMPLESAMLPHP_SP_ENTITY_ID=     - SIMPLESAMLPHP_SP_ASSERTION_CONSUMER_SERVICE=http://localhost/auth/saml/callback
  pactflow:    image:    depends_on:      - postgres    environment:      - PACTFLOW_HTTP_PORT=9293      - PACTFLOW_DATABASE_URL=postgres://postgres:password@postgres/postgres      # insecure settings only for the purposes of this demo! Not to be used in production.      - PACTFLOW_DATABASE_SSLMODE=disable      - PACTFLOW_REQUIRE_HTTPS=false      - PACTFLOW_SECURE_COOKIES=false      - PACTFLOW_LOG_FORMAT=short      - PACTFLOW_ADMIN_API_KEY=admin      - PACTFLOW_MASTER_SECRETS_ENCRYPTION_KEY=thisissomerandombytes      - PACTFLOW_SAML_AUTH_ENABLED=true      - PACTFLOW_SAML_IDP_NAME=Simple SAML      - PACTFLOW_SAML_IDP_SSO_TARGET_URL=http://localhost:8080/simplesaml/saml2/idp/SSOService.php      - PACTFLOW_SAML_IDP_CERT_FINGERPRINT=11:9B:9E:02:79:59:CD:B7:C6:62:CF:D0:75:D9:E2:EF:38:4E:44:5F      - PACTFLOW_SAML_IDP_ID_ATTRIBUTE=uid      - PACTFLOW_SAML_EMAIL_ATTRIBUTE=email      - PACTFLOW_COOKIE_SECRET=thisisasecret      - PACT_BROKER_ADMIN_API_KEY=admin      - PACTFLOW_WEBHOOK_HOST_WHITELIST=/.*/    ports:      - "80:9293"    healthcheck:      test: ["CMD", "curl", "-f", "http://localhost/diagnostic/status/heartbeat"]      interval: 30s      timeout: 10s      retries: 3    entrypoint: dockerize    command: -wait tcp://postgres:5432 docker-entrypoint    volumes:      - ./pactflow-onprem.lic:/home/pactflow-onprem.lic
  postgres:    image: postgres    healthcheck:      test: psql postgres --command "select 1" -U postgres    ports:      - "5432:5432"    volumes:      - postgres-volume:/var/lib/postgresql/data    environment:      POSTGRES_USER: postgres      POSTGRES_PASSWORD: password      POSTGRES_DB: postgres
volumes:  postgres-volume:

You can verify all services by running docker ps:

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                         COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS                             PORTS                                                    NAMES8318130fa98a   "docker-entrypoint"      18 seconds ago      Up 17 seconds (health: starting)   9292/tcp,>9293/tcp                           tmp_pactflow_17ba5d1679d09        kristophjunge/test-saml-idp   "docker-php-entrypoi…"   7 minutes ago       Up 17 seconds            >8080/tcp, 80/tcp,>8443/tcp   tmp_simplesaml_1c0e3059fa37c        postgres                      "docker-entrypoint.s…"   7 minutes ago       Up 17 seconds (health: starting)>5432/tcp                                   tmp_postgres_1

3. Login to Pactflow#

Head to http://localhost in your browser, and choose to login with "SIMPLE SAML", with the username user1 and password user1password.

That's it 🎉.

You'll now want to do this using a proper container orchestration tool, such as Kubernetes, AWS ECS/Fargate, AKS, GKE, Mesos etc.