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Billing and Subscription Management

Subscription Management

Pactflow uses Chargebee for our subscription and billing management. You can access our billing dashboard via the "Subscription" menu in the Settings page or directly at

Subscriptions Screen


All accounts will have a primary billing Administrator (usually the person who setup the Pactflow account) and they may login to the subscription platform via the email address used to create the account. You will be sent a one time password to your email address upon login that you will use to authenticate.

The account owner may login to our subscription portal through this page, or you may login directly to the Chargebee portal at

Managing your Account

Account administrators can perform the following functions once logged in.

  1. Modify the primary account information, such as name, email and address
  2. Add or manage payment methods, such as credit cards
  3. Update billing address information
  4. View billing history and previous invoices

Billing Options

To change your account administrator, please contact support.

Adding credit card on file