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  • CI/CD pipelines for the consumer and provider as per the Setup CI/CD page
  • A working local development set up as per the Setup local development page.
  • Both consumer and provider builds in Github Actions should both be passing on master.
  • If you have access to a second screen, we recommend that you use it for this workshop, as there is a lot of window switching involved. You might want to put all the consumer windows on one screen, and all the provider windows on the other.
  • Suggested window configuration:
    • In Github:
      • One tab for the example-consumer build
      • One tab for the example-provider build
    • In Pactflow:
      • A tab for the example pact dashboard
    • In your editor of choice:
      • One window for the example-consumer
      • One window for the example-provider
    • In your terminal of choice:
      • One shell for the example-consumer
      • One shell for the example-provider
    • Close everything else that you can! It can get confusing switching backwards and forwards between all the windows in the workshop.