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Test the builds in Github Actions

Consumer build#

In Github:

  1. Open your forked example-consumer project (<your-username>/example-consumer)
  2. Click on the Actions tab.
  3. Click the button with the text "I understand my workflows, go ahead and enable them"
  4. Under the Workflows menu on the left, select Build.
  5. You will see the text This workflow has a workflow_dispatch event trigger. To the right of that text is a button with the label Run workflow. Click the button.
  6. Leave the branch as master and click the green Run workflow button.

โŒ The build will fail with an authentication error when it tries to publish the pact - that's expected. We need to update the configuration to point it at your new Pactflow account.

Provider build#

๐Ÿ” Repeat the above instructions to configure the Pactflow account for your provider project.

Expected state by the end of this step#

  • Both consumer and provider builds failing with authentication errors โŒ