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Can I Deploy

What is Can I Deploy

Can I Deploy page is the web version of our popular CLI tool can-i-deploy, that queries the "Matrix". This UI provides a rich query interface for the Matrix to ensure you can safely deploy your application, providing additional context not readily available during CLI usage.

You can find Can I Deploy button from the top navigation bar on overview page.


Can I Deploy layout

The Can I Deploy page contains three main areas.

can i deploy screenshot

1 - UI selectors for performing a Matrix query, where you can choose your application from the application list, the application version and the deployment target. For more information, see the Selectors section.

2 - A list of messages summarising if you are safe to deploy your chosen application version.

3 - A table of verification statuses associated with your application version and deployment target.

successThe application version has a successful verification published for it.
failedThe verification for the application version had failed.
unverifiedNo verification result has been published for the application version.


There are three selectors for customising your Matrix query.

selector screenshot

a - Choose your application name from application lists.

b - Select your application version from version lists. You can choose the application version from:

  • Latest version from a branch (default: your main branch)
  • Specific version number
  • Version in an environment (Note: you need to have environment read permission to interact with this selection)
  • Latest version
  • Latest version with a specific tag

c - Select your deployment target. Options include:

  • Deploy to an environment (Note: you need to have environment read permission to interact with this selection)
  • Deploy with the other applications' latest version with a specific tag
  • Deploy with other applications' latest main branch

d - A button to submit the Matrix query. It's disabled when a selector is missing or invalid.


Permission warning

You might see a warning in the following screenshot about the environment permission issue, please contact your account administrator to setup environment read/management permission for you. Otherwise, you are unable to choose and run the query including environments.

environment warning