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We've created a few short, in-browser tutorials using the Katacoda platform to get you up and running quickly depending on your level.

The courses are written in NodeJS, however, extensive experience with the language will not be required for the workshop.

NOTE: To complete the workshop, you will need to authenticate with GitHub, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn.

NodeJS Tutorial

Getting Started with Pactflow#

Level: Beginner

In this tutorial, we guide you through getting started with Pact and Pactflow.

You will create your first contract, publish it to Pactflow and verify it on your provider.


Ultimately, our goal is to get you up and integrated with Pactflow as quickly as possible!

You will:

  1. Learn the basic concepts of Pact.
  2. Get hands-on experience with the key aspects of writing, publishing and verifying pacts.
  3. See how Pactflow fits into the picture so that you can get up and running quickly.
Node JS

Gating deployments with Pactflow#

Level: Intermediate

In the scenario, we extend the workshop from above, learning how to gate deployments using the can-i-deploy tool in the process.


Learn how to prevent releasing incompatible changes to production, by using integrating can-i-deploy into your CI/CD process.

You will:

  1. Build on a basic contract testing example
  2. Learn how Pactflow fits into the picture
  3. Understand important Pact CLI tools
  4. Learn how deployments work with Pactflow

You can complete the course at