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Manually creating a new administrator

It happens to the best of us. Perhaps you're locked out because your only Administrator has left, or maybe you disabled them. Whatever it is, here's how you can get back on track:

  1. Login to your Postgres database with the credentials you've setup

  2. Find the ID of the user you wish to make an Administrator:

    select * from saas_users;

Grab the ID for the user(s) you wish to make an Administrator. It may be simpler to just initially assign yourself as an Administrator, and then add others via the UI.

  1. Grab the ID of the Administrator role. It should have an ID of 1 and a uuid of cf75d7c2-416b-11ea-af5e-53c3b1a4efd8, but best to be sure:

    select * from pactflow_roles;

  2. Add a role mapping for the user:

    insert into pactflow_user_roles ("user_id","role_id") values (<user_id>, <role_id>);

You are now an Administrator and - assuming you didn't tell anyone - have spared yourself shame and embarrassment.