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Installation checklist

1. Pactflow license file

The Pactflow on-premises version requires a license file to run. You should have received this from us during the on-boarding process. If not, please contact us at

2. Run Docker Compose example

See the Docker Compose example.

3. Choose the domain name for your Pactflow On-Premises application


You will need this for the next step.

4. Configure identity provider

Configure the Pactflow On-Premises application in your identity provider. See the Azure Active Directory documentation.

5. Deploy Pactflow On-Premises application stack

  • Configure the Pactflow Docker image to be pulled from Quay.
  • Use the environment variable templates to create the appropriate deployment configuration artifacts for the Pactflow Docker image (eg. Cloudformation template, Helm chart etc.)
  • Ensure the compute resources have the appropriate specifications.
  • Create a PostgreSQL database
  • Ensure the network is configured appropriately.
  • Ensure the logs are forwarded to a log aggregation service.
  • Make sure the license file is mounted into the running containers.
  • Ensure you have load tested the system and have confidence the system can handle your baseline load, and can scale with increased demand