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Example Consumer

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Pact Status (latest pact)

Pact Status (prod/prod pact)

This is an example of a dotnet core consumer using Pact to create a consumer driven contract, and sharing it via PactFlow.

It is using a private tenant on PactFlow. The latest version of the Example Consumer/Example Provider pact is published here.

The project uses a Makefile to simulate a very simple build pipeline with two stages - test and deploy.

  • Test
    • Run tests (including the pact tests that generate the contract)
    • Publish pacts, tagging the consumer version with the name of the current branch
    • Check if we are safe to deploy to prod (ie. has the pact content been successfully verified)
  • Deploy (only from master)
    • Deploy app (just pretend for the purposes of this example!)
    • Tag the deployed consumer version as 'prod'



See the PactFlow CI/CD Workshop.

The below commands are designed for a Linux/OSX environment, please translate for use on Windows/PowerShell as necessary:

Please ensure the following environment variables have been exported in the process that you run the tests (generally a terminal):

export PACT_BROKER_TOKEN=<your pactflow read/write token here>
export PACT_BROKER_BASE_URL=https://<your pactflow subdomain>

Run tests

make restore
make test

Simulating CI

Usually, you would integrate this into a real CI system (such as Buildkite/Jenkins/CircleCI etc., or Travis as this repository is built against).

You can simulate a CI process with the following command:

make fake_ci